Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar

Safari trip to Kenya, Tanzania, ending with a visit to Zanzibar. Group trip with Rosabussarna december 2009.


Zayera Khan

12/27/20091 min read

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and could bear the fact of being with a group of strangers for about 2 weeks. Some of these people were really nice, a lady aged 69 years old was the most interesting traveller I met on this tour, and she is still traveling returning back after 2 months!

For me traveling is about new experiences, learning, observing, realizing, having interesting conversations, exchange of ideas and connections. I love warm weather, eating street food, fresh fruits, and the gentle, kindness and openness of people & strangers. Africa stays in my heart, and I will continue to visit other countries in exploration.

Zanzibar, mangrove trees, Stone town and doors

Ngorogoro crater and wildlife

On the road, street life photographed from the van we traveled in. Food market. This lady is an amazing lady who has travelled on her own in old age and also many times with Rosabussarna. I recall that she was from Åland.

Wildlife in Masai mara and serengeti, the border between Tanzania and Kenya. We also visited a masai village.